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Internet publication Netmedia’s main objective is to publish analytical articles about social/active subjects. The situation in modern Georgian electronic media implies, that the press and TV companies, despite having self-proclaimed independence, do not reach the required quality of said independence. This is caused by the fact that they were unsuccessful in becoming a self-sufficient commercial institutes and thus they’re used as tools for the propaganda of the company’s head. With that motive in mind, the target of the subject matter becomes the scandal itself rather than providing empirical facts and outlining the tendencies behind the accidents. Netmedia would like to try to, even a little, improve the current situation and to offer analytical articles about the current events in the country, while also providing press publications from outside borders that may prove to be interesting to Georgian readers. Netmedia will gladly let anyone publish on their media, as long as the article is adequately written, is interesting and corresponds to the journalistic etiquette around the globe – no matter if the author’s position is different from the directorial.